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ABOUT the FITS Department:

The Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) Unit is dedicated to supporting UConn Health Center faculty in their use of technology for teaching and assessment. As a division of the IT Department's Health Informatics unit, our primary mission is to support faculty in maximizing the effectiveness of their instruction.

Please visit our Staff page and Showcase page to see more about us and the work we provide

We have started a new endavor here, the FITS Instructional Design Series Videos .



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The FITS department offers many different skills --writing, web design, graphics, videos, collaboration, planning. Most importantly of course, is helping people learn.

Teaching Practices


Our goal is to foster and improve innovation in the curriculum.

Learning Initiatives


As medical school curricula changes, so too must the teaching methods. With the help of FITS, you can learn innovative teaching to encourage self-directed learning for your students.

Multimedia Support


FITS providesr a wide range of multimedia technology design and support . Find out about the advantages of multimedia-supported curricular development.

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