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FITS Online Showcase

Interactive Examples for Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

Welcome to the Faculty Instructional Technology Services' Interactive Education Technology showcase. The basic examples you will find here show the potential for expansion in curricular uses. We have divided the examples into categories including: self study, self quiz and video. Please use the top navigation bar to view some examples.

We follow basic instructional design theories and are influenced by concepts such as Reusable Learning. When creating a learning object, it is important that your goals and objectives are clear and concrete before choosing the correct medium for instruction. We offer some guidelines to aid in the pre-development thought process. Please use these as guides and influences for the direction of your learning object. We will be asking similar questions when we meet to discuss your ideas and requests.

Download our Digital Learning Request form below to aid with planning your learning object from thought to fruition. This document includes resource tracking, concept mapping, storyboarding, etc. If you have any questions or inquiries on creating a learning object, please contact FITS at x2573. We are here to offer our experience and are looking forward to working with you from start to finish.

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